Munsieville Squatters

In 2014 after a 9 year long court battle the white squatters of Coronation Park were evicted from their last resort home. They were given two options; either move to Kleinvallei, a farm where they would work and in return they would receive food and shelter until the farm is self sufficient enough to give the squatters ownership and a future for them and their children. Or Munsieville, a black township in Krugersdorp, where the government will provide shacks and eventually RDP housing. This is the story of the white squatters that moved to the edges of a black township not wanting to give up their cats and dogs or not wanting to obeyed by the rules of no drinking or smoking  on the Kleinvallei farm. They have stopped receiving donations and sponsors as much as they did at Coronation Park, many have taken to begging on the streets or accepting any possible work they can find. They seem to be a forgotten group after the great help and international exposure they received at Coronation Park. Yet life continues and always find a way.

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